As the gateway to reading, and most school learning, the alphabet should be considered the eighth wonder of the world because it holds such treasures. But how do we best give our kids this invaluable gift? Here are ten proven ways to get aboard the ABC train.
1. Bunches of Books
Start early and read aloud to your child. In the beginning they will be most interested in the visuals, but eventually the words will spark their curiosity. This is a great time to point to letters as you read and sound out words.

2. Start With Your Name
Everyone has a name and that’s a great place to start learning the alphabet. What letter does your name begin with? What other things start with the same letter? What’s your mother’s name? And so on.

3. Sing Your ABCs
Singing is intuitive and fun, and rhymes and rhythm help children learn the alphabet without pressure. Sure, ABC songs might eventually drive you bonkers after hearing them hundreds of times, but use that as a sign it’s time to move on to the next step.

4. Play The ABC
Children learn through play, which is more fun than memorizing flash cards. Incorporate a flip letter board to introduce letter sounds and picture association.

5. Use Your Hands (or a Poster!)
Sensory experiences create memory pathways and puzzles can be useful learning tools. And they come with the built in bonus of also improving motor skills.

6. Alphabet Playdoo
Playdoo is another great way to learn the alphabet by creating letters with this fun and colored putty.

7. Rainbow ABC
Speaking of color, what child doesn’t enjoy coloring? Incorporate letter coloring sheets that you can either buy, download for free, or make yourself.

8. Eat the alphabet!
The dinner table can be a great place to learn the alphabet. Use everything from alphabet cookies to alphabet soup and enjoy the fruits of multitasking.

9. Letter Scavenger Hunt
On a visit to the grocery store, or a walk through your neighborhood, make it a game to see how many of the letters you can find.

10. Enlist Your Wall Teacher
Not to beat our own drum but it’s well known that children learn from observing their surroundings. Just having an ABC poster (like maybe one with animals as letters?) on the wall is a non-intrusive and inviting way to learn the alphabet. Plus, you’ll have wall art with beautiful and fun animals to liven up your child’s room.