How do I best remove my poster from the tube?

Carefully take a hold of the edge-tip of the poster on the inside of the tube. Gently pull it around the hollow space in the tube to unstuck it, then pull it out of the tube while rolling it to keep it from getting stuck. For a visual cue, check out our tutorial here: (youtube link of removing poster from tube)


How do I best uncurl my poster before hanging it/framing it?

Posters are made from organic materials and they adjust to pressure, just like a tree bending in the wind. Simply unroll your poster on a flat surface, and pin the middle ends, and edges, with something weighty, like a couple of books. Leave it for a day or two and, presto, you have unbent a tree!


Can I offer Wall Encyclopedia posters in my retail store?

For all wholesale inquiries, please email us at


How can I get Wall Encyclopedia posters in my school?

For all educational institutions inquiries, please email us at


Can I license Wall Encyclopedia artwork?

For all licensing requests, please email us at